Thursday, November 26, 2009

This country was unique…it punished people who were responsible for carbon emissions, who contributed to Global Warming. If they had purchased carbon credits from `Carbon Advice Group’ they were let off.

A man who was driving his car full of smoke in its tail was arrested and brought to the court. And this man had not purchased any Carbon Credits. Before the magistrate was about to punish him, the man said, “Sir, I am not responsible and you cannot punish somebody for somebody else’s fault.”

The magistrate said, what do you mean? Did you not drive the car? There are eyewitnesses! And you haven’t purchased any Carbon Credits!

He said, “Yes, they are also right. My car had done the wrong, I have not done it. You can punish the car manufacturer, but you cannot punish me.” His lawyer became suddenly alert and started arguing in the same manner, “Your honour, the Accused is not at all liable and the car manufacturer is the person who is to be punished.” The Public Prosecutor who was bribed kept mum. The magistrate had no other go then to summon the car manufacturer.

The magistrate asked, “Are you the car manufacturer?”

“Yes Sir, I am.”

“You are charged for polluting the atmosphere with carbon emissions.”

The man said, “Sir, it is not me but the Oil producers, who are responsible for the carbon emission, it is they who are contributing to the Global Warming.” The lawyer once again was put into action; he argued that the oil producers be summoned. Again the Public Prosecutor kept mum. The magistrate ordered for summoning the oil producers. The case was interesting for the media; it shot the headlines in some newspapers. The lawyer who hitherto was unheard among his own lawyer group shot into fame with no effort of himself. It was now the turn of lawyer to come out with ideas, so he shot his salvo. On the summoning of the oil producer, the lawyer argued that the oil suppliers are responsible and not the oil producers, the lawyer argued that the lorry suppliers on the way managed to pilferage petrol and add kerosene of the same amount. The lorry suppliers blamed the local politician, the local politician blamed the government telling that he was licensed to do it, some amount goes to the chief minister, the chief minister dragged the union petroleum minister, the union petroleum minister accused the prime minister, telling that some bribed amount has to be sent to him. The Prime Minister showed his hand to the party’s fund. In the end somehow the lawyer put the whole thing on the Government for the cause of this Global Warming and Carbon Emission. When the president of the party who is the care taker of the party’s fund was summoned he requested the Magistrate that he will purchase Carbon Credits. The magistrate had to accede to the request; otherwise he will be fixed for having amassed wealth being a Judge. Finally the Government who was responsible to its citizens and who was ordered to purchase carbon credits was able to do a volte- face and never purchased any Carbon Credits. And thus it was left for the people themselves to take action to control Global Warming.

Thus it is a known fact that every government in every country does nothing for the people. The people themselves have to take action. Voluntarily the people have to take some action to reduce carbon emissions.

So, please give a helping hand to those companies and offshoots coming up which are thriving in the reduction of Green House Gas.

Now here is where our company comes in handy to you. You would be glad to know that in your effort to offset carbon we provide you the carbon calculator through which you can calculate how much you individually or in your business firm have been emitting carbon.

Having arrived at the figure, you could then go to compensate by purchasing carbon credits from us which money we give to carbon neutral businesses. You can be rest assured that we strive for social responsibility environment. There is a climate change solution, a global warming solution which only we can guarantee, through proper investment of YOUR funds into quality companies, which are in the renewable energy business.

We are all responsible grown-up peoples; we can’t just leave our world to move along as it is. If you leave the world thus then we are all childish. We are only grown up physically and not psychologically. The average psychological age is only thirteen; if you argue that the psychological age is eight or nine, so it be. The person may be ninety year old, but his average psychological age remains stuck somewhere at the age thirteen.

This is something strange. Man should grow as a whole; his psychology, his physiology, his soul, all should grow in a kind of harmonious dance. Then only he remains whole, then only there is health, then only there is sanity. If even one part of you is lagging far behind, then your whole will remain underdeveloped because you cannot grow in parts that is impossible.

It happened in a court. And it happened in the same court before the same magistrate.

A thief was caught and just before the magistrate was going to punish him, declare his punishment, the thief said, “Sir, I would like to say one thing before you declare your judgment. That is, I am not responsible and you cannot punish somebody for somebody else’s fault.”

The magistrate said, “What do you mean? Have you not stolen these things? There are eyewitnesses.”

He said. “Yes, they are also right. My hands have done the wrong, but I have not done it. You can punish my hands, but you cannot punish me.”

The magistrate was also a very cunning person. He was more experienced now. He said, “Okay, which hand has committed the crime?”

And the man said, “My right hand.”

The magistrate said. “That’s all right. Then your right hand is sent to jail for ten years.”

The whole court laughed, because if the hand goes to jail, how can the man remain behind? He will have to go to jail. But the court has to stop laughing in the middle because the man was laughing even more uproariously than the court.

The magistrate said, “You are laughing? Are you mad or something?”

The man said. “No, I am not mad.” He removed his coat and gave right hand-which was just an artificial hand. He said, “You can send this hand to the jail ten years or a hundred years or as long as you want.”

A man can be childish and can blow soapsuds’ bubbles. But he should not drive his car on the roads emitting carbon bubbles behind him. In this country if he does he will have to buy carbon credits.

To buy Carbon Credits there is Carbon Advice Group to help him out. There is an easy way out for him to calculate how much carbon bubbles he might have emitted behind by clicking on the link below.

Carbon Advice Group

A woman came running to a doctor.

“Oy, doctor, have I got tsuris with my son,” wept the lady. “All day long he is doing nothing but blowing bubbles. From soapsuds he is making the bubbles and he is blowing them out from a clay pipe.”

“Really, madam, there is no reason for you to be concerned,” said the psychiatrist, smiling indulgently. “Lots of sons blow bubbles.”

“Well, I think it looks funny.” Insisted the woman, “and so does his wife.”

It is one thing to do something when you are a child – you can blow soap bubbles – but when you are physiologically grown-up, at least you look a grown-up person, the same thing looks stupid.

Let us all not spend our lives blowing soap bubbles and start doing something towards reducing Global Warming.

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